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Welcome to MyCash!

It’s the digital wallet made for every Jamaican. Easy, Convenient, Secure, and always on the move. Now you can manage your Cash the way you were meant to. Pay bills with a few taps, send cash transfers all over Jamaica like it’s no big deal, and top up your mobile from wherever you are.

No more queues, no more delays.



Splitting bills with friends? Receiving payment for an online gig? Or sending cash to a loved one in Mandeville? Cash transfers were never this easy. Cash In today and manage your Cash on the go! Swift, Easy, and 100% Secure.



Don’t let the lines hold you back. Pay your bills instantly, and enjoy a worry-free financial future. The MyCash App allows you to set up reminders, so you never miss a last date. Also, forget the hassle of standing in long queues. With your digital wallet in your hand, it’s bill payment time whenever you want!


Top Ups

For moments when you cannot leave a conversation hanging, our mobile top ups come to the rescue. Stay online with them while MyCash gives you a quick way to top up your mobile credit. Enjoy uninterrupted online streaming, non-stop heart-to-hearts, and gaming sprees that never have to take a pause.