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The amount of cash you can add to your wallet is related to your type of MyCash wallet. We recommend you have a MyCash Plus account for maximum capacity.  

MyCash has two types of accounts:  

  • MyCash with a wallet size of $35,000
  • MyCash Plus with a wallet size of $250,000

You have two ways to add cash to your wallet:

  • Via your existing debit or credit card – you can use your Mastercard or Visa card from any Jamaican bank to load cash your account anytime you want.
  • At any MyCash Agent – visit any of our MyCash Agents, hand them the cash and they will deposit it in your account

Both options are for you to choose the way that lets you live life how you want.

MyCash is a digital wallet that empowers you to control your finances and live your way.  MyCash makes it simple and easy to create an account and removes any obstacles when conducting cash transactions by putting financial technologies at your disposal. MyCash offers free MyCash-to-MyCash transfers, access to pay bills to countless billers, and Top Up to any network. There are two types of wallets made to suit your needs: MyCash with a maximum limit of J$35,000 and MyCash Plus with a threshold of up to J$250,000. All of these features have been added so you can perform transactions and have the power to manage your finances.


Once your MyCash Wallet has been activated, you will be able to access the following services:

  • Send cash MyCash-to-MyCash in minutes
  • Pay Bills from your mobile device, avoiding long lines and wait time
  • Top Up any Digicel Prepaid phone number at any time and on the spot
  • Cash In to or Cash Out from your wallet at any authorized agent location so you can make sure you have all the money you need in or outside of your wallet
  • Keep track of all your transactions
  • Check your balance any time you want

Signing up for MyCash is the easiest part. You only need a valid Jamaican mobile phone number, a valid Jamaican Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) and then follow the steps in the app. Here is a chart to show you just how simple it is to sign up for your MyCash Wallet:

MyCash MyCash Plus
Telephone Number Telephone Number
Full Name Full Name
Date of Birth Date of Birth
  Full Address
National ID, Driver’s license or passport
Source of income

When doing transactions, there are some limits that you should keep in mind.

Limits and documentation required MyCash MyCash Plus
Wallet Limit J$ 35,000 J$ 250,000
Monthly Limit J$ 100,000 J$ 500,000
Daily Spend Limit J$ 35,000 J$ 75,000
P2P Transaction Limit J$ 20,000 J$ 50,000
Daily Load Limit J$ 35,000 J$ 250,000

Yes, there are daily spend and cash in limits to your wallet depending on the type of wallet.


Limits and documentation required MyCash MyCash Plus
Daily Spend Limit J$ 35,000 J$ 75,000
Daily Load Limit J$ 35,000 J$ 250,000


Yes, when using MyCash, your data and cash are always protected. When setting up your account, you must choose a PIN so only you can access your information and validate each transaction. In addition, our encryption and fraud protection systems identify any suspicious behavior so that you can be at ease.

Only persons who have been given your PIN can access your MyCash Wallet, therefore, we ask you to not share your PIN. If your phone is lost, please contact us at support@mycashdfs.com or our Customer Care number at 888-935-2274 immediately.

Please be mindful that we will never ask for your PIN number when contacting you. Do not share your PIN or wallet information.

Whenever you have an issue with MyCash, please contact MyCash Customer Care Agents at 888-935-2274 or email support@mycashdfs.com

Check below for all fees associated with the MyCash wallet.

MyCash-to-MyCash Bill Pay Cash In Cash out
From To
J$ 300 J$ 1,500 J$ 20 J$ 60 J$ 0 J$ 92
J$ 1,501 J$ 3,000 J$ 20 J$ 60 J$ 0 J$ 167
J$ 3,001 J$ 4,000 J$ 20 J$ 60 J$ 0 J$ 259
J$ 4,001 J$ 8,000 J$ 20 J$ 60 J$ 0 J$ 299
J$ 8,001 J$ 10,000 J$ 20 J$ 60 J$ 0 J$ 380
J$ 10,001 J$ 15,000 J$ 20 J$ 60 J$ 0 J$ 414
J$ 15,001 J$ 25,000 J$ 20 J$ 60 J$ 0 J$ 518
J$ 25,001 J$ 30,000 J$ 20 J$ 60 J$ 0 J$ 598
J$ 30,001 J$ 35,000 J$ 20 J$ 60 J$ 0 J$ 667
J$ 35,001 J$ 45,000 J$ 20 J$ 60 J$ 0 J$ 748
J$ 45,001 J$ 55,000 J$ 20 J$ 60 J$ 0 J$ 834
J$ 55,001 J$ 65,000 J$ 20 J$ 60 J$ 0 J$ 949
J$ 65,001 > J$ 20 J$ 60 J$ 0 J$ 1,150

Fees incl. 15% GCT

No worries. You can always contact us by calling MyCash Customer Care from within Jamaica at 888-935-2274 or emailing us at support@mycashdfs.com. Please note that our Customer Care number is toll free for Digicel Customers only.

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