International Remittances

Get International Remittance How You Want

We want to give you the power to determine how to get your remittance. So, we enabled two convenient options for you:

  1.  You can receive it straight into your MyCash Plus wallet
  2.  You can pick it up at authorized Paymaster locations

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Receive International Remittance to MyCash

All MyCash users can receive international money into their wallets from the USA, UK and Canada. There are different ways to get cash from your loved ones abroad:

MyCash Plus

When your loved ones send you money from abroad you’ll receive it directly into your wallet minutes after they send it


As soon as your loved one sends you cash from abroad, you’ll receive a message so you can decide. You can become a MyCash Plus user by following the process in your app or by choosing to pick up your remittance at authorized Paymaster locations.

Don’t have a MyCash wallet? It’s ok, your loved one will still be able to send you international cash using your phone number. You’ll be notified so you can decide how to get your cash.



There are different ways for you to receive international remittances.

Directly to your MyCash Wallet

  • Step 1 – Become a MyCash Plus user
  • Step 2 – Ask your family or friends living abroad to visit any of our partners, in their physical locations or apps, they will be able to send you the cash using only the phone number linked to your MyCash wallet


Request an International Remittance

  • Step 1 – Go to the Cash In section in your MyCash Wallet
  • Step 2 – Select Request from abroad
  • Step 3 – Select Remittances via Partners
  • Step 4 – View eligible partners and follow the step indicated


Receiving money when you’re not a MyCash Plus Wallet

  • Step 1 – Go to the Cash In section in your MyCash Wallet
  • Step 2 – Select Request from abroad
  • Step 3 – Select Pending Remittances
  • Step 4 – Complete upgrade or choose to collect at Paymaster locations


Other Benefits?

  •  You can send an international money request to your loved ones by putting
    their phone number in your MyCash wallet
  •  You can choose to have the international money directly deposited in your
    account or to pick it up at any authorized Paymaster location



Boss Money Logo

Boss Money

Our partner Boss Revolution help you stay closer to your loved ones by enabling international remittance transactions from the USA to Jamaica
From – USA & Canada


Shaka Express

Shaka Express

Shaka Express has the mission to provide the most secure, fast, affordable, and convenient way of sending money worldwide, any time of the day or night. Currently, they have a growing network of agents in the U.S. and worldwide
From – USA




Remitly is enabling their quick, affordable, and secure process for all those sending money from abroad to MyCash wallets
From – USA, Canada & UK




With Remitbee you can move your money without hefty fees or wait times directly to your loved ones MyCash account
From – USA, Canada & UK