MyCash Merchant

What is a MyCash Merchant?

Simple Payments from Wallet to Wallet

MyCash Merchants is a platform for any individual or business, regardless of its size, that accepts MyCash as a form of payment for goods and services. These merchants can operate the way they want, from physical stores to online businesses or at public open spaces. By accepting payments via MyCash, merchants provide customers with an easy, convenient and secure payment option; avoiding any difficulties such as lack of cash or change.

How to Become a MyCash Merchant?

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  • MyCash Service Representatives (MSR) will help you collect all your information

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  • The MSR will add your details in the MyCash Merchant application system

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  • We’ll do all the checks, approve and create your profile

What are the Benefits of being a MyCash Merchant?

You Can Accept Payments How You Want

Let your customers scan your unique digital MyCash QR code to accept electronic payments or use your Merchant ID number. Either way, your payments will be in real-time, fast and easy.

Keep Track of all Your Transactions

Have the full record of all your customer transactions from incoming payments to refunds, all in the palm of your hand

Create Accounts for your Branches and Staff Members

You have different employees and different locations, no worries! Create several subaccounts and be able to track all activity

Cash Out at any of the MyCash Agents

When you’re ready to have cash in hand, you can visit any of our MyCash agent

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