Double your Cash In Amount

“Double your Cash In Amount” Promotion



Start Date: Thursday, March 9, 2023
End date: Friday, March 31, 2023

This “Double your Cash In Amount” Promotion (the “Promotion”) Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) and Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) apply to you and govern your participation in the Promotion. You should read these FAQs and Terms carefully before participating in the Promotion.
“We” or “us” means Paymaster (Jamaica) Limited, a company registered under the laws of Jamaica with registered offices at 9 Molynes Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica. References to “we,” “our” and “us” in these Terms includes our subsidiaries and affiliates (“Affiliates”) from time to time.
“I” or “You” means the person participating in the Promotion (and “my” and “your” shall have the same meaning).
By participating in the Promotion, you agree to be bound by these Terms.
These Terms incorporate the MyCash Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, which you can access via the MyCash App.
If you do not agree to or accept any of these Terms, you should stop participating in the Promotion immediately.


  1. What is the “Double your amount” promotion?

This promotion rewards the first 1,500 MyCash customers that Cash-In $250 into their MyCash mobile wallet during the promotional period, a prize of JMD 500 as cash back. This cash-back will be credited into their MyCash mobile wallet.


  1. What is the promotional period for this promotion?

The promotion is valid for the period of Thursday, March 9, 2023, 00:01 through to Friday, March 31, 2023, 23:59 (“the Promotional Period”). Paymaster reserves the right to change the Promotional Period at any time and will notify users of such Change on the MyCash App.


  1. Who is eligible to enter the promotion?

In order to be eligible to receive the cash back, customers must be registered MyCash customers. For registered customers they need to conduct a cash-in transaction of $250 or more into their Mobile Wallet at any MyCash agent location & the first 1,500 unique users who fulfill these criteria get to win $500 as cashback.


  1. How does a user participate in this promotion?

To participate in the Promotion, MyCash customers are required to conduct a cash-in transaction valued at $250 or more at a participating agent location as described in item 6.


  1. Will customers be notified about the Promotion?

Yes, customers will be notified by SMS, in-app notifications, in-app banners and social media.


  1. The participating agent locations are as listed below:
Branch Name Location Parish Community
Young’s May Pen 29 Main Street, May Pen Clarendon May Pen
Priceless Health & Beauty Supplies Shop #3, 115 Main Street, Santa Cruz St. Elizabeth Santa Cruz
Jevon’s Enterprise – Cassia Park Shop #11, 40 Cassia Park Road, Kingston Kgn & St. Andrew Cassia Park
Progressive Directions & Services Main Street, Annotto Bay St. Mary Annotto Bay
Progressive Directions & Services 7 Thompson Avenue, Buff Bay Portland Buff Bay
Meridian Finance and Corporate Services 14 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5 Kgn & St. Andrew New Kingston
COS Penny Variety Stores White River Main Street, Exchange, Ocho Rios St. Ann Exchange
COS Penny Variety Stores – Run-Away-Bay Shop #2 & 3, O.G. Plaza, Run-Away-Bay St. Ann Runaway Bay
Meridian Finance and Corporate Services Shop #20 – 21 Ocean Village Plaza, Ocho Rios St. Ann Ocho Rios
PAYCS Limited Sunset Plaza, Mount Salem Main Road St. James Salem
Calden Services Ltd. Malcolm Mount, Main Street, Lucea Hanover Malcolm Mount
Unique Car Care, Sports Bar & Grill Limited Orange Bay, Hanover Orange Bay
Convenient Auto Supplies Limited – Cambridge Cambridge District, Montego Bay St. James Cambridge
Jevon’s Enterprises – Hendon Shop #13, Hendon Mall. Beckford Street, Savanna-La-Mar Westmoreland Beckford Street
Jevon’s Enterprises Little London Square, Little London P.O. Westmoreland Little London
Capital Solutions Limited – Portmore Shop #10, 15 West Trade Way, Big Buy Plaza, Portmore St. Catherine Portmore
Sim Suitables Shop 4 & 5, 5 South Street, Old Harbour St. Catherine Old Harbour
*Jazat Investments Company Limited Shop 12 Sydnham Commercial Complex,     Old Harbour Road St. Catherine Old Harbour
Marram Electronics Shop #22, Cedar Crest Plaza, Gregory Park, St. Catherine St. Catherine Gregory Park
Fabian Services Limited 11 Mall Road                       Kingston 11 Kgn & St. Andrew Mall Road
Trelawny Coop –
Albert Town C.U.
Albert Town P.O. Trelawny Albert Town
Trelawny Coop Falmouth C.U. P.O Box 115 Water Square Trelawny Water Square
Prostreak Enterprise Shop #4, Brown’s Plaza, Main Street, Alexandra St. Ann Alexandria
Capital Solutions Limited – Canberra Crescent 14 Canberra Crescent, Suite #3, Fourteen Professional Suites Kingston & St. Andrew Liguanea


  1. When will the prize draw be conducted?

Users will be assigned a prize of $500 if they are within the first 1,500 customers that perform a Cash in of $250 in their wallets.

The winners will be selected at Paymaster’s Head Office at 9 Molynes Road, Kingston 10 daily during the promotional period.

The amount of daily winners will vary and is incumbent on whether the quota of 1500 winners is achieved before the end of the promotional period.

Number of Days Transaction Date Draw date Date for contacting customers Amount of total winners
1 3/9/2023 3/10/2023 3/11/2023 1,500 winners
2 3/10/2023 3/11/2023 3/12/2023
3 3/11/2023 3/12/2023 3/13/2023
4 3/12/2023 3/13/2023 3/14/2023
5 3/13/2023 3/14/2023 3/15/2023
6 3/14/2023 3/15/2023 3/16/2023
7 3/15/2023 3/16/2023 3/17/2023
8 3/16/2023 3/17/2023 3/18/2023
9 3/17/2023 3/18/2023 3/19/2023
10 3/18/2023 3/19/2023 3/20/2023
11 3/19/2023 3/20/2023 3/21/2023
12 3/20/2023 3/21/2023 3/22/2023
13 3/21/2023 3/22/2023 3/23/2023
14 3/22/2023 3/23/2023 3/24/2023
15 3/23/2023 3/24/2023 3/25/2023
16 3/24/2023 3/25/2023 3/26/2023
17 3/25/2023 3/26/2023 3/27/2023
18 3/26/2023 3/27/2023 3/28/2023
19 3/27/2023 3/28/2023 3/29/2023
20 3/28/2023 3/29/2023 3/30/2023
21 3/29/2023 3/30/2023 3/31/2023
22 3/30/2023 3/31/2023 4/1/2023
23 3/31/2023 4/1/2023 4/2/2023


  1. Can a customer enter this promotion more than once?

A customer can gain multiple entries into the promotion but can only win once during the promotional period.


  1. What will a customer require in order to claim a prize?

A customer needs to be a registered MyCash user with an active MyCash account at the time of claiming the prize.


  1. Are minors eligible to participate in this promotion?

Minors are not eligible to participate in this promotion.


Additional Terms and Conditions


  1. Customers can only win cashback once during the promotional period.
  2. My Cash will not be responsible for: (1) technical failures of any kind, including, but not limited to malfunctions, interruptions, or disconnections in network connections or hardware or software; (2) unauthorized human intervention in any part; or (3) technical or human error which may occur in the administration of this promotion.
  3. The promotion shall be effective until the first 1,500 unique customers who have fulfilled the criteria but in no circumstance shall it extend beyond the duration of the promotional period as defined herein.
  4. The reward shall be credited to the customer’s wallet 24hrs after notification that the prize has been rewarded.
  5. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue (permanently or temporarily), this Promotion being offered to you.
  6. We reserve the right to, at any time, with or without notice, vary or cancel the terms and conditions of this Promotion. In the event of us giving notice to you of any such changes to or cancellation of the Promotion, it shall suffice for us to give you notice via SMS message, social media or post such notification on the Paymaster website. Any such notification shall be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notifications.
  7. Any personal data relating to participants will be used solely for the purposes of this promotion by Paymaster and/or by any agent appointed by it to assist with running the promotion on behalf of the Paymaster and will not be disclosed to a third party for any other purpose without the individual’s prior consent.
  8. By entering this Promotion, you consent to the use of your personal data by Paymaster and/or any agent appointed by it to assist with running the promotion for the purposes of administration of the promotion (including publishing your full name and parish and/or disclosing it to third parties on request if you are the winner) and any other purposes to which you have consented. To see our privacy policy visit:
  9. Winners may be required to take part in related publicity, including (without limitation) publication of the name and image of a promotion winner along with their winning entry via Paymaster’s website, social media and other press and media channels. No additional payment will be given for this. If the winner fails to take part in related publicity, the prize will be forfeited.